trenbolone enanthate results

Inhibits metabolism of prazosin and others. Trenbolone enanthate results, thereby possibly increasing the effect gipotenzivngo.

The drugs lithium may enhance the toxic effects (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, ataxia, tremor, tinnitus).

Procainamide, quinidine and other drugs causing prolongation trenbolone results of the interval QT, reinforce the negative inotropic effect and may increase the risk of significant lengthening of the QT interval.

Overdose Symptoms: headache, flushing of the skin, long marked reduction of blood pressure, suppression of sinus node function, bradycardia, bradyarrhythmia.

Treatment: In severe poisoning (collapse, depression of the sinus node) is performed gastric lavage, activated charcoal. The antidote is calcium supplements: shows a slow intravenous injection of 10% calcium chloride or calcium gluconate, followed by switching to continuous infusion. In marked decrease of blood pressure – in / in the introduction of dopamine or dobutamine. When conduction disorders – atropine, isoprenaline or artificial pacemaker. With the development of heart failure – intravenous strofantina. Catecholamines should be used only under the threat of life (due to their low efficiency requires high dosage, thereby increasing the risk of arrhythmias). It is recommended for the control of blood glucose concentration (the release of insulin trenbolone enanthate results can be reduced) and electrolyte (potassium, calcium).Hemodialysis is ineffective.

Specific guidance Co-administration of beta-blockers should be carried out under careful medical supervision, since it may lead to an excessive fall in blood pressure, and in some cases – worsening symptoms of heart failure.

During treatment, the positive results are possible during what is somatotropin the direct Coombs’ test and laboratory tests for antinuclear antibodies.

It should be borne in mind that at the beginning of the treatment of angina may occur, particularly after the recent abrupt withdrawal of beta-blocker (the latter is recommended to be lifted gradually),.

Precautions should be prescribed concurrently with disopyramide and flekainamidom due to the possible increase in negative inotropic effect.

If during the treatment the patient is required to conduct surgery under general anesthesia, you must trenbolone enanthate results inform the anesthesiologist about the nature of the therapy.

Caution must be exercised in the elderly due to age the greatest probability of renal dysfunction. steroiden kaufen

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