trenbolone enanthate cycle

It is a nicotinic receptor agonist of the peripheral and central nervous system, and have marked effects on the central and cardio-vascular system. When you stop smoking in the dependent smokers may develop the syndrome, which is accompanied by a characteristic cravings, increased irritability, emotional lability, concentration in violation of attention, anxiety, drowsiness, sleep disturbances, light somatic disorders (headache, myalgia, constipation, fatigue) trenbolone enanthate cycle and increasing appetite and / or weight gain.In some patients, symptoms of withdrawal, such as the craving to smoke, can be alleviated by the stable maintenance of lower than smoking, nicotine levels in the plasma.

In the treatment of tobacco dependence substitution nicotine treatment reduces the need for including smoked cigarettes reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms arising from the total elimination of smoking from those who have decided to quit smoking; facilitates temporary abstinence from smoking, but also helps to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by those who can not or does not want to completely give up smoking. Clinical studies have shown that Nikvitin eases withdrawal symptoms of smoking. In its application severity urge to smoke decreased by at least 35%, regardless of the time of day for the first two weeks of failure, as compared with the placebo group (p <0.05).

After application of the patch to the skin a rapid percutaneous absorption of nicotine released from adhesive layer. The concentration of nicotine in the plasma reaches a steady level after 2-4 hours after the first application Nikvitina and remains constant for up to 24 hours until the patch will not be removed. About 68% of nicotine, released from the patch enters the systemic circulation, the remaining portion of the released nicotine evaporates through the patch edges. With continuous daily use of the drug Nikvitin (superimposition of 24 hours), dose-dependent steady nicotine plasma concentrations achieved and maintained throughout the day with the second Nikvitina applications. These stable maximum concentration of about 30% higher than after the first use of the drug. Nicotine concentrations in the plasma of three dose proportional embodiment Nikvitina dosage.

After removal of the patch trenbolone enanthate cycle nicotine concentrations in plasma are reduced with a clear half-life of 3 hours due to continued absorption of nicotine dermal area, by comparison, with a / in the introduction of the half-life is 2 hours. After 10-12 hours after removing the patch at the non-smoking patients the presence of nicotine in the blood is no longer detected. When administered intravenously, the radioactive isotope is observed nicotine dose distribution in accordance with the blood flow, without the selective capture any organ. Nicotine Distribution volume is approximately 2.5 L / kg. Metabolism main body clearance – the liver, the plasma clearance averaged 1.2 liters / min; kidney and lung also metabolise nicotine. Identified more than 20 metabolites of nicotine. It is believed that they are pharmacologically inactive. The main metabolites are cotinine and trans-3-gidroksikotinin. Stable cotinine concentrations exceed those of nicotine in 10 times. The half-life of nicotine is approximately 1-2 hours, 15-20 hours and cotinine. Excretion and nicotine and its metabolites are excreted through the kidneys, about 10% of the nicotine in the unchanged form excreted in the urine. About 30% of the urine can be displayed at the maximum filtration and complete oxidation of urine (pH <5).

Differences in the kinetics of nicotine in men and women in the application Nikvitina observed. Obese men when applying Nikvitina marked significantly lower rates of AUC and Cmax compared to those of men with normal body weight. Linear regression AUC vs. total body weight showed the expected dependence (AUC decreased with increasing weight). In applying the drug to the upper body and the upper outer arm nicotine kinetics were similar.

Indications for use :
Nikvitin is indicated for the relief of symptoms of nicotine withdrawal including craving for cigarettes for smoking cessation. If possible, when quitting smoking, along trenbolone enanthate cycle with Nikvitina need to change certain lifestyle.

Contraindications :


  • Hypersensitivity to the drug
  • myocardial infarction (just prior to treatment)
  • unstable or progressive angina
  • Prinzmetal angina
  • severe cardiac arrhythmia
  • recent cerebrovascular disease Nikvitin patch should not be applied to non-smokers people irregular smokers and children.Precautions .
    If you smoke or use an additional source of nicotine while using Nikvitina there is a possibility of side effects due to increased nicotine levels, significantly greater than that only when smoking or using other nicotine products. In the case of clinically significant amplification reactions on the cardiovascular system or other simtomov ,. associated with the use of nicotine, it is necessary to reduce the dose or cancel Nikvitin. You may also need a dose adjustment parallel to the prescribed drugs (see. “Drug Interactions” section). There are reports on the development of tachycardia during treatment with Nikvitina.
    Perёd using Nikvitina medical consultation is required in cases where there is:
  • Cardiovascular disease (stable angina, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, vasospastic diseases, severe peripheral vascular disease)
  • Uncontrolled hypertension, since nicotine may be a risk factor for malignant hypertension;
  • Atopic or eczematous dermatitis (the probability of local hypersensitivity to the patch)
  • Severely impaired renal and hepatic function, active peptic ulcer
  • Hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. In case of severe or persistent local reactions at the application site (severe erythema, pruritus, edema) or a generalized skin reaction (rash, hives or generalized skin rash), Nikvitin should be discontinued and consult a physician.
    Patients with contact sensitization should be borne in mind the possibility of expressed reactions when smoked or parallel use of other nicotine-containing products.Pregnancy and lactation
    Adverse effects of nicotine on the maternal and fetal health are already installed. These effects include: weight loss, increased risk of spontaneous abortion and fetal death in the perinatal period. There have been reports of spontaneous abortion during the application Nikvitina. Nikvitin can not be excluded from the number of impact factors. Patients should be advised to quit smoking without using nicotine replacement therapy system, but if they can not, in this case, it is necessary to evaluate the risk / benefits of using Nikvitina.Dosage and administration .
    Prior to initiation of therapy, the patient must come to a firm decision to stop smoking. During the failure, any attempt to smoking can cause a relapse. Therefore, during the course of treatment is not recommended to smoke. It should not be in parallel use other nicotine-containing products. In order to better achieve the desired results, we recommend the appropriate psychological support. Adults (including the elderly). The plaster cast Nikvitin once a day, at one and the same time, preferably immediately after the recovery. Skin for applying the patch should be clean, dry and free of hair. After applying the patch you need is 10 seconds, press tightly against his palm. Nikvitin patch should be applied immediately after removal from the sachet. Do not shoot during the day. The patch can not be imposed on the damaged, reddened or irritated skin. Do not apply to areas of skin folds. After trenbolone enanthate cycle 24 hours the used patch is removed. New applied to another area of the skin. Leave the same patch on the skin for more than 24 hours and apply the patch to the same area of the skin, at least for a week, you can not. Simultaneously, you can apply and to wear only one patch.


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